A Sustainable Direct to Consumer Model for Footwear

A Sustainable Direct to Consumer Model for Footwear

A Sustainable Direct to Consumer Model for Footwear
Old ways, new ways.

We live in a complex world. Industrialization, as the cornerstone of modern society, has managed to improve our standards of living exponentially and giving us comforts that our ancestors couldn’t even dream about. The complete transformation of our way of living is testament of the ingenuity of the men and women that preceded us. But progress has also brought new challenges that demand the revision of at least some parts of our way of thinking. Exponential industrial growth also means an exponential growth in waste. Mass consumption has made overproduction not only affordable but an integral part of cost structures, and it’s consequences are mostly overlooked. 

What happens to this excess production? Ends up in landfills all around the planet and at the bottom of our oceans. This is especially harmful when we talk about non-biodegradable products like plastics that don’t break down after thousands of years. It is time to slow down and rethink the way we do things. Manage to find ways to make our impact more sustainable. 

At People of the Seine, this is one of our core values. The quality of our boots and shoes is only as important as the way we make them. After a lot of thought, we took a step back and decided that mass production is not the way forward for us. 

Direct to Consumer: Skipping the Middlemen.

Our Made to Order – Direct to Consumer model ensures that production of a pair of boots is only launched after an order is placed. The artisanal manufacturing is carried 100% in Almansa, Spain by expert craftsmen one pair at a time, ensuring the highest levels of quality and minimizing waste. We sacrifice profits to maintain a Zero Stock policy that has a minimal environmental impact while giving us flexibility to service our community and offer small and large sizes (from US 5 to US 17 or EU 38 to 50, in D and EE width) that mainstream brands can’t carry because of the constraints of their business model.

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