About Us - People of the Seine

About Us

Our story started after several years of frustration in the traditional footwear retail sector, and knowing the pain of managing a limited inventory, specially in large sizes. We know how hard it is for men with large feet size to find top quality, aesthetic footwear. So we asked ourselves: What if there is another way?
Ethically Made in Europe
Every pair of boots and shoes are crafted by hand in Almansa, Spain, under European regulations. We take pride in the fact that every pair goes through the hands of several artisans, who are fairly treated and rewarded for their work. Our Calf Leathers are sourced from renowned tanneries in Italy, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, sustainability and fair trade.

Our MTO Model

Made to Order

In our MTO business model, every pair is manufactured immediately after purchase. That way, we avoid overstock and ensure you will find your right size. Always.

Direct to Consumer

We don't go through the traditional wholesale-to-retail model. The only way to buy our footwear is directly from us, through our website, with no middlemen.

More Value for You

Since we are bypassing the wholesalers and only hold minimal stock, we can operate with slim profit margins and pass those savings to you.

Premium Quality

We source our calf leathers and suedes from heritage Italian tanneries, same used by several luxury designer brands from all around the world.