So It Begins. - People of the Seine

So It Begins.

So It Begins. 1
We are People of the Seine.

Well, we are starting this adventure with possibly the worst timing ever, at the beginning of the deadliest pandemic of recent times, one that’s taking a huge toll both in lives and in destroyed jobs. The situation is grim, the economy will no doubt go through hard times, but we won’t let that discourage us. In fact, we want to take this crisis and turn it into motivation, to get through all this together and rebuild the economy and our communities. This crisis, without a doubt, will make us rethink the way we live, relate to other, shop and manufacture goods.

So, what can a tiny shoe brand do or say about all this monumental issues, and the way we manufacture and consume goods? Our voice might be small but we believe deeply in what we say: we need a big shift in our consumption model, and make it sustainable. We need to think differently. To do things differently. We are betting on a model that moves away from the current fast fashion trends, and is geared toward quality goods, crafted by artisans in Spain, manufactured specially for you and not the mass market, that will last a really long time. We don’t need a closet full of disposable shoes and boots, what will be worn once or twice and then thrown straight to the trash can. We rather have a few top quality pairs that will endure time.

This post is just a small declaration of intentions, about who we are and what we want to accomplish. In future posts we will go on explaining how our Made to Order model makes this possible, and even allows us to offer small and large sizes that are usually hard to find in traditional mass market brands, designed specifically for each of our customers. In this space we will talk about our daily operations, our challenges, our problems and our victories, about technical and personal stuff (at the end of the day, we are just people behind the brand). We want to be as transparent as possible. So stick around, this will be fun.